HELLO SPRING--How Does an Artist Do It?

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How do you know if your inspiration is the right one?

This is where mine started...



This Collection was inspired by my need to breathe. By my desire to take a moment (or more than one), and feel the loveliness of being a woman, instead of the crazy hectic feeling of being a woman. Spring is an answer to the faithful heart. Imagine the trees grieving the loss of their leaves or the ground forever bare. No, spring is the reward for faith kept underground in winter, and celebrating the beauty pushing forth out of nothing--as it always does. No worrying about the beauty that is possible, just beauty offering itself, confident and extraordinary.

This Collection is about softness, and being a lady in all the good senses of that word; poised, full of grace, yet able to laugh and celebrate. Where is this lady in me? I am finding her in this feel of Spring, like the color of the ocean at first light, in the smoothness of the silver work in shapes like tulips. For some reason when I look at this season's colors and textures, I want to put my black and grey clothes aside, and I feel like I can breathe again...Come to our Studio or visit our online Boutique here and welcome your spring. Jewelry made for you, all by hand, to put on in one simple moment, and feel renewed and incredible. This is my inspiration.

Textures of the season: African glass, pink and blue Peruvian opal, white jade, moonstone, rose quartz, Ethiopian green hearts, brick jasper, aquamarine, light green crysophase , peach aventurine, white howlite, and african turquoise.

Photo shoot experience

We had so much fun! Of course, I was so nervous, but stylist Styling By Eden made the day super-styled and relaxed. Photography was crafted by Kate Houlihan Photography who captured the light, and made a great and poetic experience using the textured walls outside our studio. I loved working with both women who are amazing, dedicated, and inspired. The beautiful painting by Elyse Katz, Newport Beach, infused our shoot with perfect color and artistry. Stay tuned for full profiles on these talented women!




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