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I love when a design tells its story back to me once it's finished...when I designed this pattern of crosses, it was only when I turned it on its side that I instantly saw the crosses all "marching" and thought of all the prayerful, steadfast, women that have gone before me and who are marching with me in this life. That thought was so comforting and inspiring. I can tend to feel alone in my struggles and so when I wear my pieces with this design, I remember how many faithful women have gone before me and how much amazing love and support is with me--marching right now! It is something I talk to my daughters about as well because life seems large and scary sometimes and I want them to know that the family of God is real and that prayer and support will always be with them. The other idea I love is that they have the love, wisdom, and support of so many of my friends, all of whom are only a phone call away. I never had this growing up and it is a truly beautiful way to live.

From this inspiration, I wrote the poem above and I include it with each MARCH OF SAINTS piece. Take a look at our bracelets, necklaces and earrings in the March of Saints Collection and be encouraged! They also make beautiful gifts! Hugs always, Suzan

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